Antibacterial And Deodorization Solution Of Fresh Air System
Open a new era of fresh air treatment
  • [Antibacterial and deodorant]
  • [Two-pronged approach]
  • [Flexible installation]
  • [Instantly effective]
A comprehensive upgrade for the fresh air system, using a full coverage envelope diffuse management method,
Effectively reduce the spread of diseases and quickly eliminate odors.
  • Clear odor
  • Improve the efficiency and
    longevity of fresh air systems
  • Prevent mold growth
  • Elimination of bacteria,
    avoid cross infection
[Applicable place]
Large-scale shopping malls, wholesale markets, hotels, hospitals, office buildings,
airports, railway stations, bus stations and other places where HVAC ventilation systems are used.
  • Germ accumulation

    Not afraid of cross infection
    Qualification upgrade,
    boosting international
    medical certification

  • Crowded

    Not afraid of air pollution
    Experience upgrade and
    refresh the city image

  • storage space

    Not afraid of mold
    Environmental upgrading,
    amplifying market efficiency

  • More goods

    Not afraid of odor burst
    Market upgrade,
    avoiding complaints

  • hotel

    Not afraid of
    the smell of mold
    improve customer satisfaction

Place the pump at the central air conditioning main unit, the atomizer is connected by a pneumatic tube,
and the liquid bottle is placed on the atomizer,
and the pressure generated by the pump separates the treated liquid into mist-like nano-sized small particles.
Then connect the air pressure pipe and the fresh air pipe to each other.
Allow atomized particles to diffusely spread into indoor space following the fresh air circulation system