Nano Biofilm Mask
Nano Biofilm Mask
Efficient anti-mite, blocking virus F95

5-layer structure, 5-layer protection
Double PET film layer, double protection

PTFE film layer : SKYISH nano-scale biofilm technology, multi-empty material increases breathing comfort, effectively blocking PM2.5

PP moisture-proof venting layer : Prevents mist and moisture from penetrating

PET support structure layer : maintains three-dimensional shape and tightness

ES super soft fiber layer : skin-friendly composite fiber

Nano-scale biofilm is
more technical and professional

SKYISH PTFE film - surface topography

The surface of the film is a hole formed

by interlacing fibers of 100~200nm.

SKYISH PTFE film - filtration efficiency

Filter layer: single layer PTFE nano film

Blocking particles: soot (diameter <190nm)

is much smaller than the particle size of PM2.5

anti-fog gives you fresh air
Nano-scale biofilm is more
comfortable and more oxygen-permeable

Product parameters: Nano Biofilm Mask