SKYISH Biological Enzyme
World leading technology of global biological enzyme air treatment
Core technology - the world's leading disruptive air technology
Guard your breath every breath
bioenzyme cative management / no secondary pollution / PH neutral mild / odor clearance rate>90% / no needto clear field operation
  • Active management,free capture of exhaust molecules
  • Wrap the target to form molecular-level pollution isolation
  • Biocatalytic catalysis, accelerated degradation
In 2012, Shi Kexi first used the biological enzyme air treatment technology,
which became an epoch-making and subversive innovation after physical management and chemical treatment.
In 2017, the technology was upgraded in an all-round way. Combining the research results of the bio-enzyme race sample in the past 20 years,
we carefully selected high-quality races, customized all-round treatment formulas, more biological enzymes, and enhanced management efficiency!
The biocatalyst has the characteristics of neutrality, high catalytic efficiency, strong specificity and mild action conditions.
Bio-enzyme atomizing molecules can penetrate into pollutants and rapidly activate harmful gases.
It quickly captures the activated harmful substances while destroying the harmful molecular covalent bonds to form degradation;
wrapping harmful substances that cannot be degraded and leading them to sink quickly out of the breathing range.