In-car Air Treatment Solution
Complete treatment of in-car air
  • New car governance
  • Daily maintenance
  • Sudden treatment
  • Long-term health
  • TVOC (removal of VOC up to 200), ammonia, etc.
  • Sterilization
  • Except PM2.5
  • Except odor
  • Avoid cross-infection of viruses
Comprehensive construction thorough management service
  • New car management

    Let the new car no longer be a mobile gas house
    In-car air
    Thorough governance service

  • Routine maintenance

    Solve cross-infection, odor and PM2.5 problems
    in the car
    SK50 in-car air regulator

  • Burst processing

    Easily cope with vomiting,
    food residue, odor, smoke
    Odor control spray